Reservation management

From enquiries to bookings to payments - everything you need is right here.



Never miss an enquiry or booking - House of Reservations is your contact to handle all tasks concerning the reservations of your property. Our team is dedicated to optimise the bookings process and to aim for the highest revenue.



- Creating and optimising listings for online travel agent websites

- Communication with guests and management/staff

- Managing payments and providing financial transparency

- Managing Instagram accounts

- Following a dynamic pricing strategy to optimise occupancy and bookings

- Connecting all reservation channels to our software

Our strategy

Through a maximum online exposure we aim to maximize your revenue. We list your property on multiple online travel agent websites such as Airbnb,, Agoda and Expedia with high-ranked profiles and analyze their search algorithms to reach high-ranked results. We closely work together with representatives of all online travel agents to maintain a professional and supportive relationship with them.


Operational Management

Operational management and handling reservations are two entirely separate and different tasks. Our expertise and knowledge lies in optimising bookings and revenue for your property, which is why we partner with strongly-skilled and reliable companies to take over the operational management.

We recommend our clients to additionally provide one experienced host in their property, who takes care of daily operational tasks and oversees everything. Hereby, there is often no need to hire an agency to handle operational management. We have good partners for operational management and can help you to get your villa operational.

Our pricing method

Many factors are involved in determining the worth of a property. Our first step is to inspect the premises in order to estimate a realistic and fair price. Secondly, we propose a minimum price for last-minute deals to boost conversions on any booking channels.

With time, we start following a dynamic pricing strategy to optimize revenue and bookings. Therefore, we set an important focus on the property’s reviews, as they are of significance in a booking process and justify an increased booking rate in the future. We monitor pricing, bookings, and occupancy on a daily basis to achieve the highest revenue every month.

Why work with us

Our team is dedicated to work from early morning hours until late with professional software that is often a high-cost burden for properties with a low budget. This enables us to handle all reservations and answer all of your enquiries in a short response time, which guarantees bookings to a greater extent.

Our knowledge and expertise are key factors for optimized prices and high occupancy rates, whereby you will earn our commission fees back in no time.

We work transparently with our clients by keeping them up-to-date with all financial matters of their reservations.


Our expectations

We expect from our clients to hand us over their property in a good condition and with consent to manage the booking calendar, which is synchronized with all of our online travel agents. Any double bookings due to lack of properly maintaining the booking calendar could lead to a lower- ranked search result. It is possible to block as many nights for personal bookings, friends and yourself, as long as these days are put into the system before any confirmed bookings.

We hope to develop a pleasant partnership with you and feel free to reach out to us to discuss any matter through our email or below contact form.



Below some of our partners, which we assist with reservation management and marketing.


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